Next Actor Studios

Some of our working actors

Grant Goodman with Zach Galifianakis in "Campaign"

Grant Goodman and Gerard Butler on the set of "Playing for Keeps"

Sam Hoger with Robert De Niro on the sets of "Grudge Match"

Kristen Egbert, Kelly Kroh, Kristen Perry, Eddie Aguirre, and Julisa Gonzales On the sets of Trisha Ray's "Physiotherapy"

Grant Goodman and Sean Penn in "This Must be the Place"

Giugi and Jennifer in PSA "Detect Early Save Life"

San Banarje receives Best of the Fest award from Houston Film Commissioner Rick Ferguson at 2012 Gulf Coast Film Festival

"Semper Fi" Director San Banarje with actors Omar, Emily, Drew and Brian with their Gold Remi at 2012 Worldfest

Joe Estevez with Omar and Haydee in "Inside Out"

Next Actor kids take direction for "Inside Out" shoot

Omar and Trisha in "Nowhere Son"

Trisha shoots "Marcha Atras" in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Grant Goodman (left) with his Super director James Gunn

Grant Goodman with his Super costar Rainn Wilson

Eryn Davies (fourth right) and Blaze Tucker (left)  with co-actors  in "Its Only the Dentist"

Cristina Aldridge being filmed for "SugarBaby" in India

Chase Cochran (center) debuts in the film "Death with Date 2"

Next Actors Cristina Aldridge, Iheny Nieto and Jasmine Darby learn a dance step for "Sugar Baby"

Joey Mahan with an actor from Brownsville during the shoot of "Federal Case" 

Tom Combs and Sean Will in Houston filming SugarBaby

Iheny Nieto and Sam in "Train"

Sean in "Train"

Landon Nemoto and Jessica Flores in "Therapy" 

Alonzo Williams and Joslyn Lewis in "Soul Smoke"

Anastasia Caputo, Aaren Wheeler, Justin Alexander in Bleep Love

Actors take a break from shoot during "Federal Case"

James Coate, Lance Stodghill, Beny Schwarzt in "Gang Story"

Director Sanjay Kumar looks for props while actors Omar Scanu and Alonzo Williams run lines for the next shot of "Gang Story"

Its a wrap!

Joseph Mahan in "A Federal Case"

Brandon Belknap and Jordan Jaffe in "A Federal Case"

Brownsville Film Commissioner Mr. Peter Goodman with Brownsville Police Officers and Next Actor Cast and Crew during a shoot in the Valley

Fabrizia Faustinella, Gina Gheller, Jason Bell, Eve Berggren and Tom Combs in MONEY - the feature

Mikhail Sebastian and Lance Stodghill in MONEY

Tasha Hicks working in "Friday Night Lights"

San with Lou Diamond Phillips on the sets of "Striking Range"

Brice Poisson, Fred Bastian and Trisha Ray in MONEY

Trisha Ray and Brice Poisson in "Money"

Wayne Donowho, Ryan Marnitz, James Coate in "Bleep Love"

Luke Hardie, Lauren Slade in "Mission"

Falin Proffitt, Tyra Terry in "Mission"

Callie Murphy in "Renault" Commercial

Anair Jones in "Friday Night Lights"

Seneca Ramirez in "Mission"

Ava Warren, Amy P, Julianne Christoffell, Falin Proffitt in the short "Rebecca on the Phone"

Filming "Money" - Fred Bastian and San Banarje

Sandra Campbell in Mark White's ILL REPRESSION

San (in white) in EVIL BEHIND YOU Shoot

San & Yance Butler from the sets of STRIKING RANGE

Trevor Parsons in Death Diary and a Motel

Kimberly Shoaf - On set for "The Man Who Came Back"

San Banarje (Standing left) as Judas in "The Last Supper"

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