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Next Actor Kid Student Grant Goodman (below) shares screen with Sean Penn in THIS MUST BE THE PLACE.  Read >>

Next Actor offers a variety of weekend and after-school Acting Classes for Kids, 6 - 10  years. 
Older or more matured children may choose the pre-teen classes or even the Stanislavski Method Class.

The Kids' On-Camera Acting session is directed towards helping your kids shed all inhibition as well combat stage fright at a very early age.
Classes are held each week in front of the camera through  improv exercises, games, commercials and scene works.

Our students work in motion pictures and TV shows, therefore our trainings are very detailed to help them understand the nuances of acting on-camera. Classes are taught by professional actors, filmmakers and casting directors. Please visit our FAQ page to know your child's teacher.

Students may bring a DVD or SD Card to class for recording their performances for parents to watch.

Call us at 713 532 2867 for more info.



Saturday, Oct 22 - Nov 20 @ 3:30 - 5 PM
Fee : $250
Duration : 5 weeks
Register by Oct 15

Instructor : Ms. Vivian Kalinov

Vivian is a SAG and equity actress from New York, who lives between NY and Houston, while working on both stage and film in New York.  Vivian's older son Emory, 6, has joined her in acting and together they have done TV shows like Boardwalk Empire.

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 Phone 713 532 2867


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All Classes are held at West U/Rice Village area. We have no other branch in Houston.



- Commercials
- Scenes and Scripts
- Cold
- Improvisation Games
- Shedding Inhibition
- Boosting Confidence
- Memorization
- Movement & Blocking
- Expression
- Voice Acting
- Understanding the director
- Camera Tricks

Next Actor Kid Student Christian Martinez, at 4 years old in the Houston comedy Bleep Love and at 14 in the feature film Orphan Train.


You may request your teacher for a report at the end of each class to keep up with your kid's session.

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