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Next Actor offers a variety of weekend and after-school Acting Classes for Kids, 6 - 10 in Houston and Los Angeles. We accept some 5 year olds provided they are able to read or have prior training or have experience being in class atmosphere so as not to distract the rest of the class. Older children may choose the pre-teen/teen class. The session is directed at helping your kids learn to act, think on their feet, shed all inhibition as well as combat stage fright at a very early age. Classes are held each week in front of the camera through exercises, games, scenes and commercials. Students may bring a DVD or VHS to class since all classes are recorded for parents to watch.

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Kids must have an interest in acting and must be able to read to join our classes




Next On-Camera Classes for Kids in Houston
Saturdays,  Sept 27 - Oct 25 @ 3:30 - 5 PM   
Fee : $250.00 | Duration : 5 weeks
3 seats left



Saturdays,  Sept 6 - Oct 4 @ 5 - 7 PM
Fee : $250.00 | Duration : 5 weeks
Pre-requisite : Prior Acting Background
Instructor : Trisha Ray


 Register Online
 or over the phone 713 532 2867

Instructor : Ms. Jenny Gravenstein

All classes are held at West U/Rice Village area.


Watch our own Grant Goodman playing Tommy in This Must be the Place  (Sean Penn, Frances McDormand) 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































"Dakota Fanning is a wonderful actor who is a child" - Denzel Washington

Jackson Dippel lands lead in Albertsons National Commercial. Click to view.


- Audition Techniques
- Scene and Dialogues
- Commercials
- Cold
- Improvisation
- Monologues
- Shedding   Inhibition
- Boosting Confidence
- Memorization
- Movement & Blocking
- Expression
- Voice Acting
- Understanding the director
- Camera Tricks


Next Actor kids at the premiere of our Christian film "Inside Out"  at the AMC Studio 30 in April 2012 for Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.

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