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Next Actor offers a variety of weekend and after-school Acting Classes for Kids, 6 - 10  years.  Older children may choose the pre-teen class. The session is directed  towards helping your kid shed all inhibition as well combat stage fright at a  very early age. Classes are held each week in front of the camera through  exercises, games and scenes from films and TV. Students may bring a DVD or SD Card to class for recording their performances for parents to watch.  Progress reports given at the end of each class.
We only allow well-behaved kids to this program. Disruptive kids and bullies will be removed from class after one warning, without refund. Please know your child's temperament before signing up.

Grant Goodman (below) shares screen with Sean Penn in THIS MUST BE THE PLACE.  Read >>


*Congratulations to 9 year old Alexandra Goel on booking the role of Jas in the upcoming feature Karma Rockstars.*


On-Camera Classes for Kids

Saturdays, Jun 20 - Jul 25 @ 3:30 - 5 PM
(closed 4th of July weekend)

Fee : $250
Duration : 5 Weeks
Instructor : Ms. Jenny Gravenstein

Register Online
or over the phone 713 532 2867

Mon - Fri, Jun 22 - 26 @ 1 - 5 PM

Register Online
or over the phone 713 532 2867

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All Classes are held at West U/Rice Village area. We have no other branch in Houston.


  Kids Session Consists of :

- Commercials
- Scenes and Scripts
- Cold
- Improvisation Games
- Shedding   Inhibition
- Boosting Confidence
- Memorization
- Movement & Blocking
- Expression
- Voice Acting
- Understanding the director
- Camera Tricks

You will receive a progress report at the end of each class to keep up with your kid's session.